So, I decided to activate my blog back after months of torture…Only because I’m so bored at home, nothing to study. Usually when you get home, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Finishing your damn homework or assignment right? Well, I’ve been getting that feeling for the past week. It’s scary. I even scared myself. The only thing I should worry about is NS. Although I’m only in PES E, 4 weeks of BMT, such an atmosphere where fraternity is dominant is not a suitable place for fizzyfiiz to be in.

OK, so last night I was just plain bored, until Lizzie told me to do art. Whoosh, the word ‘Origami’ came to me, and me and my sister folded coloured papers and we created objects of wonders. And when I mean wonders, I meant from the book. We have this gi-normous book on art and I folded a standing heart and the yellow butterfly [only because I’ve folded the other animals like a pig and the camel, both of which were unsuccessful] Oh, but all of us made truffles. The recipe we found in some magazine, lifestyle I think. Well, my mum made a bunch and it’s De- Li- Cious.

Other than spending my time making shit, I have done quite a whole lot of reading and re-reading. Remember this book?……I bought it from It’s an auto-biography of a comedian who talks shit about people. Does she remind you of anyone?

Also, for those who know me very well, I’m interested in psychology and also my self-proclaim ’empath’ status[which I really thought I was….for 2 months] So, what I’m trying to say was that I went to the library and borrowed a lot of books that I’ve been wanting to read. People say its a whole bunch of science terms and theories that you have to remember. And I’m kind of getting some of it. I am teaching myself the ‘cell body’, the ‘axon’, Freud’s theory and many more. Oh, did I mention I’m only at page 10?

Besides acedemic reading, I think literature is ingrained into me. I’m actually reading poems. Not any poems, love poems. And I found a great poem that makes a lot of sense. But that’s just me.

Oh this book is a self-help book. I’ve not touched it yet, but it should be good.



Let’s get back to the gossip section of my blog. So,……………


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