I’m fitter than you think, or is it just me?

OK, I can’t believe I’m recycling my images, well that’s all because the family camera is no longer working, so all my pictures are all reused. I know, surprising.

So, this morning we, as a family, had to exercise. I woke up, to pray as per normal, 6.40-ish. Personally, everyone knows I do not like to exercise. I mean, my ‘figure’ is all thanks to studying and keeping my mind off food. Now, since I gained 1kg, I really need to lose it because I know that that one KG is not due to gain in muscle.

Well, walking towards the seletar reservoir is not exercise for me. It’s like going shopping. I need to run. So, while my sis and mum were walking, I told my brother to run with me. And guess what, while running, he was huffing and puffing fast. I wasn’t even at my peak. So to all those who looked down on this flamboyant guy, guess again, I’m more physically more able than you think. So, at the vast pool of water, there’s definitely shoals of fishes. So, I….. threw balls of bread. And they didn’t eat it. I know, I was being a child then, but not even a nibble from the fishes. And don’t get me wrong, there’s like thousands there. Fastidious piece of meat! Ugh

So, we went back and I’m like playing pokemon and watching some Hindustan movie. I watched a couple of episodes from X-men. I think I lost a few grams from the run. Gotta to lose more weight. OK, stepping away from my interior monologue I have to give you some insiders on the wedding dinner my family had with my paternal side yesterday at the lovely SAKURA buffet place thingy.

I have to give a disclaimer first, anything said by me is all alleged, Sakura food was delish! I love all of the people there.

OK, so before we get into the story, I have to tell you guys what I wore. A G2000 shirt…I think…Jeans from Mustafa Centre [SHOUT OUT], and my checkered shoes by Cotton On. So it’s not over $50 worth of clothing, but I was working it. I blow-dried my hair and sprayed it up high. My brother said its as high as my forehead (And I do have a huge forehead.) As edgy as I looked, my brother is still the masculine and cool cat. And was complemented by my uncle to be the most smart-looking guy there. Of course with all of my effort in looking good, it pricked my heart a lil’. At least my cousin, Kak Noretta [SHOUT OUT], loved my hair. That was a relief.

So get this, I actually ate a lot of food there. But the main shit here is that me and my brother were quite anxious to go to the place, anticipating is a negative way since we were 15 minutes late. That’s because we’ve not seen our relatives for months. I just wanted to be there to look good.

Let me give you guys a tip, when you look good, you feel good. Don’t let anyone tell you how to dress. That’s totally against your identity thus, ruining your self-esteem. And for others, please don’t judge. Don’t judge on how one dresses and critiques it. You are who you are and try not to let it get to you. I’m still learning how to deal with all the harsh comments injurious to my feelings.

So after eating, that’s like 90.30p.m, we all took pictures and just had to take a shot with my aunt, UCHU [SHOUT OUT]. But I think my hair got too much attention. I mean, yes I do love basking under impression that my hair is well sculptured, but not to the extent of it stretching to be the only topic of conversation. People were flattening my pompadour, squishing it. Those who know me well, fully understand that I do not like people to touch my hair. With the exception of Yu Zhen and my girls who at least asked permission from me. My hair is my crown and glory. You destroy it, you’re destroying my life.

So after the wonderful and content dinner, my and my family walked down the roads of Orchard road to view the lights and take some pictures. I can’t show them to you because I look like a drunk. I was tired, I was sweating, I was oily. Just horrible.

Oh and guess what? The whole stretch of Orchard road that night smells like fart. Good Day everybody!!!


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