The day I saved a plant’s life.

Well so, welcome back to another day in my boring but fun life [oxymoronic but it’s true]. I consider myself as an environmentalist now. The picture below is a weed I think. A parasite, yet a living thing. That is how we should treat all human being, most of them. I found it all wilted and my brother was like, ‘It’s dead’. But I was assure of myself that I can revive the plant.

OK, so it wasn’t dead, it’s just ‘thirsty’. I gave it…. ‘her’. I shall name her Weedona. So I gave Weedona a glass of water.

And after a few hours, Weedona stood up strong. So it hit me… I should plant a seed! Since I classify myself as an environmentalist, I should probably have a green thumb.

I didn’t have any fancy seeds to plant. Poppy seeds, nope. But I do have green bean seeds. I heard it’s used to make like some porridge. I don’t know. But I do know I can plant them. So, I wrapped it in wet tissue balls, left a space for it’s shoots to grow. I planted 2. One I want to experiment by adding sugar [of course when it’s a plant, not now], while the other, the control. I just realize how my camera phone can take such decent shots. Love it

Since we’re in the topic of environment, I shall dabble a bit on the topic. I’m no longer finding Singapore a ‘clean and green city’, as compared to the last decade that is. Or maybe it’s my area. OK I shall say no more, I don’t want to like get in jail or get fine or some shit.

Oh, I was suppose to go to the Zoo today. Actually initially, it was the sembahwang beach. But for some spiritual reason, it didn’t work. So we wanted to go to the zoo. But we didn’t realize how expensive it was. How the shit can we spend almost $80 for a day in the zoo? NEVER!!! So, my mum actually planned for us to go for Bowling. We all didn’t like bowling, so you know how it goes.

There’s something I have also done that could jeopardize my status as an environmentalist……. You all know it. My trusty Hairspray! of course. But, don’t judge yet, I haven’t used my spray since last week’s wedding dinner. So, I have not contributed to the ozone depletion or global warming. But the year I used it makes me an environment criminal. I didn’t even realize it. There isn’t any environmental friendly hair-spray right? Cause if there is, sign me up!

Oh I saw this sad tree. Must be hard for it look that way. But we don’t judge. We love all trees. But I have no explanation for that tree to look like that.

Until next time!


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