Living in my own world

Before I start, I’d like to give you a bit of an update of my plants. Just the next day, I saw the shoots of the seeds. I must say, they do grow really fast. People may think that I’m just so boring that I plant seeds and watch them grow all day. Well, they are true.

So yesterday, my plant grew to this height. Almost reaching Weedona.

But what is this? What’s that small seedling doing in my premises? Well, my mum told me it’s a poppy seed that she couldn’t get to ‘raise’. Oh did I tell you Weedona is actually a Poppy plant? Ya, it is. Too bad my mum told me the soil is not fertile enough to bear flowers. But, I will make sure that red flowers will appear. Time will tell anyway. Ya, so Weedona is having like offsprings, but for plants.

So, this week has been really bad for me. It’s one of the worst week I’ve ever experienced. Not only is it boring, I’m watching movies from the 60s. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed these movies. But if you have noticed, I’m not online as often. My mum caught me red-handed 2 nights ago for playing the laptop at 1 in the morn’. I told her I was downloading songs for my MP3 [Which I was, by the way] But you know, downloading time takes a whole hour if it’s 10 songs. So I played my pokemon emulator. Very mature, hafiiz.

So yesterday night, I had to follow my sister to send some stuff to the RC [still have no idea what it stands for] and we actually ran 10 blocks to get there. OK, here’s why, we didn’t want to miss the movie ‘Spiderwick’? IS that the movie? I don’t know, I forgot. So we ran during the  commercial break. And we ran back. But my sister saw the group of Mats and Minahs sitting and…. congregating. She told me to stop running, cause we might catch their attention and might chase after us. Here’s the problem, I cannot stand like ‘them’. And it grows on me, till I have this grudge against my own race and gender… together. So every time I walk past a group of malay guys, I’ll pretend I have an sms or I’ll be really busy reading a flyer. Because I know their interior monologue…. from past experience, that is.

So, I have been isolating myself in my room because me family is watching some movie that I don’t like. And I’m not going to pretend that I enjoy the movie, so I brought books to my room to read, and stoned for half an hour.  You guys may ask me, “Hafiiz, why can’t you just play the laptop?”, Well, I can now only play 2 hours a day, after my crime for using the laptop beyond midnight. But, I am writing this post on my 3rd hour of playing time today. They get to watch some lancelot movie, I get to…. watch youtube.

I’m so sorry you guys have to read this post, if it’s not funny to you. I just can’t get a day that is humorous when I’m all at home, rotting my bones out. To add on to that, I’m so lazy to go out. But I am forcing myself to just because I have been reading a lot of books lately.

Until next time!


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