When I Feel Frustrated, I…

OK guys, I was thinking about writing about topics that mean something to me, one way or another. But it would probably revolve around me…Obvio! So, I was reading a self-help book about sadness or frustration and how people deal with it. Many people have different ways of venting their frustration. You guys know, I vent it out by voicing it out…  

I feel that my shouting, I feel… that I’m getting a bit of attention. Or to show how big my mouth is. My mouth is big, it stretches beyond recognition. But the point is that, I cannot suppress my anger. I read that it would lead to psychosomatic symptoms, which is somewhat like normal sickness [fever, cold, headache, death] but is caused by too much pressure within you. Hmm, no wonder they say males die faster because they don’t say out their problems, even with fraternization. Well, don’t worry about me, I certainly don’t act like them. I’m the new breed.

Well, another way is simply telling you guys… through media or verbal. But that’s so normal. I’m going to tell you shit more. Well, my brother is one example. He’s a bad ass artist. I mean, he can really draw. I can draw. Mine is more ethereal looking… picasso-ish I think. Oh yes, many have seen my interpretation of Peltier’s model. I look into tone and shit. This was during the A level preparations.

My brother is more of Anime characters. You’ll see at least a face on every page of his math book. Talk about creative studying. But if I can let you see his sketch book, you’d want him drawing on your walls. His logo is important to him, because of personal issues. Well, I certainly cannot draw like that. Umm, too much details. I usually leave out the face, especially my art exam in secondary 2.

Another way I relieve my frustration… not venting it.. is by listening to sad music. Not the rocker type but more of those with therapeutic effect. I usually dance it off as well. But not with sad songs of course. I listen to african songs [I make sure it’s about nature and nothing religious. Don’t worry, I did my homework.]

I classify myself as some-what an african dancer. I mean, even though I can carry my leg up till 90 degrees, I have fast legs and contemporary movements. Of course I ‘study’ the movements on TV or Youtube. Don’t tell me I won the African dance competition all by having lessons right? OK, enough of the bragging [although I enjoy it] because even the simplest movement you give is a form of expression, I feel. I’m more connected to my ‘African roots’ so I express myself through the dance. Due to my inexperience nature, I have broken my back twice, sprained my ankle thrice and slammed my nose with my…. right hand [too much gesticulating movements, I guess] My sister laughed at me when I did my arched back and she heard a loud crack…. which was so sad in the end. HAHA. Stop laughing at me, the pain lasted for 2 weeks! Not a day, like my fever, but 2 weeks, not awkward movement.

And lastly, I look at myself in the mirror and analyze my facial expression… while posing. I think it’s just me, but do you guys take notice of that your face does? I divert my feelings to my face and like exaggerate them and try to make them look nice. Well, that’s how I learn to make my nose sharper without cosmetic surgery or bronzer. That’s because your nose tends to squish up, I dunno about yours, but mine does… big time, unless of course I do the thing to my nose.


Well, Until next time [when I find a new topic to write about]


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