Worst events of my life … so far.

Since I’m only 18, nothing much has happened to me. But some major events did changed my life and my perspective. Surely I’ll try to laugh about it, so you’ll continue reading my blog.

Event number ONE!

I’ll just let the elephant out of the bag, my dad passed away and all, was one thing I don’t want to remember, but that’s definitely the worst event, and I have nothing funny to say about that, so let’s skip to some other stuff so I don’t get affected by it.

Event number TWO!

This happened when I was in primary 2, I fell flat on my face and chipped part of my front tooth out. And my friend laughed at me. I mean, the impact was hard, and it like hit my head. I think it shifted my brain a little. A lot of people laughed and I totally ran home. Luckily my home was a 3 minutes run. Nothing was bleeding, let me tell you, but the chip was so huge, I didn’t smile for i think a week. Self-esteem dropped and never went up, even I had it patched up by my dentist. And that was like 2 years later. So, no wonder it affected me big time. Now, look at me, I have the best smiles. So, in your ugly faces you people who laughed at my fall!

Event number THREE

This one I can’t laugh as well, but I certainly found my action stupid. It led to a broken friendship. It’s so stupid, I’m laughing about it. OK, so you know how it feels to get your new PE shirt, different colour [blue house], different animal. MIne was the dolphin. So, my best friend that time, Saiful[Yes, a malay guy, I KNOW!!… it’s all my fault] asked me to show him my shirt, cause he has a red one. BUt I didn’t want to show him, because I found it tedious to open the wrapper and fold it back in. It was a 2 minuted plead from him, and I was persistent to not take it out of my bag. And that’s when he totally walked away from me, literally. That was in primary 4. Ugh, and he’s so smart. I think he’s in Anderson JC or something. I know he’s going to be successful, somehow. Just because of my selfish attitude, I lost a friend, that’s when I realized that I can’t be like the person I was before. Pfft.

Event number FOUR

This one was scary!, I mean paranormally. This happened this year. It happened to my body. I don’t want to sound too deeply involve in the paranormal activity. That’s what my mum said. So, in cameron highlands hotel, I got this disturbances and led to like bumps on my skin.

I mean, that’s some really scary shit.  can’t eat dairy stuff for like a month or else I’ll get bumps on my face and my body. Even during my runway walk, there’s this bumps on my face that Nadene tried to cover, but it showed a lot. It’s as if I had a really bad fall on my head.
Event number FIVE
Too private. Sorry!
So there’s surely many more events that I can’t remember. But if I can’t remember them, it shouldn’t be important to me.
Today, was another day of boring activities. But I actually taught my brother malay. I know. It’s like me teaching chinese to someone. I can proudly say that I’m better in malay than my brother. He has 0/10 for like close passage and 0/5 for idioms. I got so angry, as if I’m the teacher, and scolded him big time. He already had a horrible time with my sister in Math, not able to remember the formulas. OMG, so frustrating. Tomorrow, I’m so asking my mum to explain why the word isn’t a ber- but a per-.
Until next time!

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