The day I became one with nature.

Hey all. It’s the time of the day where you know what shit is going on with my life. Before serving the nation, I had to give back to nature. As you all know, I am an environmentalist [self-proclaimed] and I was sure to enjoy myself in my mum’s garden. Well, i think it’s hers. She did pay for the seeds and soil. I don’t know maybe it’s the RC’s one.  I was watching a movie at home until my mum asked me and my brother to accompany her and her friends to do some work. I was up for it. I mean, after eating and sleeping repeatedly, I just had to get out and lose some weight.

As you can see, I was so ready for the camera and I was pretty excited to water the plants. The experience was the same as putting out a fire. It’s fun!

And then came the shitty part. My mum told me to stop spraying cause I just caused a flood [SHOUT OUT TO STORM] in the whole vegetable section. She told me to get the digging thingy. Ugh, what is it called? Digging spade? Whatever, I don’t know garden language. Let me tell you, the ones with claws weigh about 7-kg. That’s a ninth of my body weight. But don’t get me wrong, my mum was surprised at the fantastic job I did with the loosening of the soil. I say, green thumbs!!!

You can also see that I changed my hat direction. I wore a hat firstly because my hair is really long. I had no energy to blow dry it straight, and spray it up. It takes only 10 minutes, but… too tired. I think I grew me some biceps, with like multiple muscle sockets filled.

But, you know about my problem with the no computer time after midnight thing? Well, I had an amazeballs idea! Me and my mum kinda made a deal. I told her that I shall work for my computer time. If I dig the 3 sections up, I can stay up late to use the laptop. Well, she laughed at my desperation and my think skin and agreed. So, I was so into digging. I was motivated. Nothing shall get in my way. I mean, I was so assure of my plan that it would work.

Take a look at my determination for an extra hour on the laptop.

Then I got tired………I needed sweets, I needed water. I needed some technology to play with.


LOOK AT MY PALM!!! It’s all red and blisters all over.

After a long afternoon…..20 minutes….. me and my brother had enough of the rural-ish life. We decided to go home and continue watching the movie. But, I have to say, I will come back tomorrow to dig some more because the people there [aged over 40] are funny and full of humour.


So now, I’m eating my mum’s potato pie. It’s sooo good. But she didn’t care about the presentation, cause we’re the one eating it. I didn’t even care about it either. It’s so delicious. Just the way I like it, spicy, moist and something special inside.


That’s it for today. Nothing else special happened.

Until next time!!! [Insert ending music]


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