Aisyah and Hafiiz…. Unexpected Twins


When you think of secondary school, what usually comes to mind? Canteen food? Nah. O levels? OK,  but that’s not the same feeling as having friends there! After A levels, I totally had this urge to chat with my secondary school friends, like Xi wen, Chin won and blah blah blah. [many more, that is]

This person is the only one whom I speak ghetto to. I share all my secrets with. [It’s a family blog, so I can’t share that secret with you, sorry] I’ll give you another clue, the name rhymes with ” Fiti Baisyah”…..It’s Aisyah!!! [cheers!!!]

Yes viewers, I have finally chat with her after years of seclusion. Missed the good Ol’ times. I think this is the second time I’m actually writing a blog post about her. She’s like my sister from another black mother.

And we gonna get married in 2050… when we’re old and feeble. What am I gonna do right? Die and rot alone? Hell to the NO.

Well, all the best for her exams! and Until next time!!!


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