Challenge Day 4: My views on religion

 Hmm, this is a controversial topic that I do not want to cross. But I’ll do it anyway. I’ll not restrict this to my own religion, but I’ll keep it general. Daymn, this challenge is tough. It doesn’t roll of the tongue that easily.

We each have our own religion and beliefs  , to each his own, and I see it all as one thing. We all ask for forgiveness from higher power and it acts as the healer. I mean I respect all the burning and all the noises, I tolerate them, but it does irritate me. I’m sorry, I’m still human. In fact I got woken up by the sounds of powerful music gadgets that different religion uses.

What I don’t find amusing is how religion separates the world and cause conflict that is meaningless, yet it kills. I feel that a lot of people have lost respect for anyone, who doesn’t conform.I mean, aren’t we all the same? I don’t think it’s wise for us to base all our decision in accordance to the bible or Qur’aan or what-not. It’s like the 21st century, for goodness sake!

For one thing, religion can separate the good from the evil. I’m not talking about the controversial like race or sexual preferences or whatever. I’m talking about the simple things like drinking, or gambling or war. Without religion, hell! I’ll be on my way to the “dentist” to ………. get my nose done. But I have to deal with my elephant nose, so my brother calls it.

Ok, Until next time!!!


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