Challenge day 6: 30 ‘interesting’ stuff about me…. more like wierd.

Wow, I didn’t know we’re getting that personal about ME. Coming up with 10 is already hard enough for me. Daym….another challenging one. Well, why not start, right?

(Drum roll) The 30 interesting facts about Fizzyfiiz is…..

1) I wear long black/blue/striped socks to school (The only student too)

2) I have the highest, well- sculptured hair in school.

3) I have this interest for African dance

4) I have a breathing problem that I didn’t know existed … Hmm, maybe the countless times I actually collapse after 2.4km run could be the evidence.

5) I’m under a constant Sugar-free diet that I never follow

6) I always Photoshop my pictures to make sure it’s beyond recognition.

7) I’ve never went to clubbing (I know….SHOCKING!!!)

8 ) My conversational Malay sounds more alike to German than it does in English. It actually freaks people out

9) My BMI [Body Mass Index, for those dumb to not know] is 14.7

10) I’m still in love with the Oldies like The Supremes, Whitney Houston, The Carpenters

11) People say that my life is a runway and a photo shoot.

12) I have a bad sense of fashion

13) I don’t read novels. I only read Self-help books and psychology books. I feel that knowing yourself is more important that putting yourself in a fictitious setting. But….it doesn’t hurt reading pop-up books to add spice into the literary world.

14) I love geography more than sweets. Spooky, I know.

15) I dance at home as if I’m on stage.

16) I only get flu on Sundays, exceptions only last for an hour if it happens.

17) I have a birthmark on my left arm that looks like a star

18 ) I think I give good advice

19) Initially I wanted to be a doctor or a journalist, but then I realized that it’s not going to work. Firstly, it’s because I’m not in the science course. Secondly, my language is too horrible to land myself in the media. Thirdly, I live under a rock, so that would sum things up.

20) In Primary 3 I fell flat on my face and chipped my front tooth which led me to have low self-esteem for 2 years.

21) I have empathic imagination, so you tell me your story, I can somehow pick up your parts of your emotion….by imagining.

22)  I have perfect eyesight !!!

23) I only went to Starbucks once with Aisyah and Atikah. 😦

24) My favourite toy when I was young was THE Batman Mobile which gains potential energy when I pull it back.

25) I have neat eyebrows that people constantly accuse me of having it done.

26) I used to read Doraemon comic books in Malay.

27) I have a phobia/fear [whatever you call it] of inflating balloons after I attempted to bite a balloon when I was  a young 8 year old boy.

28) I’m in love with X-men comic characters and their lives. (Maybe I should do a post on some of my favourite characters)

29) I enjoy going to Mustafa Centre. (All the cheap goods are there…maybe not, but the food is nice)

30) I almost died from a passing motorcycle while trying to retrieve a $2 note on the road that a primary school boy dropped.

Wow, that was painful for me to remember the past. I just got up from the floor… from a puddle of my tears. HAHA. Yeah, so UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!


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