Challenge Day 8: The moment I felt most satisfied with my life.

OK, another hard challenge. My life, I feel, is filled with pain and suffering. So I easily get satisfied. And this is not including the time I end my A levels. It would be sad if that were to be the most satisfying moment. Well, to an extent, yes, because after 2 years of stress and depression, the moment when the old lady said, “Time is up! Put your pens down and stop writing” I felt this rush in my body to scream. My feet were already tapping to the beat of some song I had in my head. It’s some background song you’d here in the movies when it’s climatic. Yes, I was that excited. But that feeling of accomplishment lasted for an hour, so that would be 2nd on my “Most satisfying moment.”

All right, THE moment that’s most worthwhile was  sleeping during a cold rainy day. I’m not fastidious. I feel that when I lie down in my bed in such cold atmosphere, I’d rather be nowhere else. The more I sink myself into my thick blanket, the more I feel like not going out of bed. I forget all of my problems. It’s kinda like taking drugs, but more passive and safe. I feel that that’s the moment when I escape from all external voices.

LOOK AT THAT!!!, Who would not want to sleep like that? I totally would!

Oh wait, I take that back. I know now the most satisfying moment and that was during CVD [Celebrating Values Day] and I was one of the many contestants fighting for the top place in this costume making competition. I was representing USA, and was dressed as “Uncle Sam” made the outfit myself with the help of my friend, Nadene. After walking down the runway, I feel that my life is somehow complete and I’m contented.

When I was walking, I didn’t feel insecure (even with my huge swollen forehead ofter having an allergic reaction last night). It felt so good, and all my problems went away….for that 3 minutes.

Well, that’s the one, until next time!!!!


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