Challenge Day 9: I want my future to be like this…

Boy, am I late for this post. Well, I’m really looking forward for my future [after NS ]

So, firstly, I’m hoping to be a famous advice columnist. Maybe you’ll see me in the newspaper or the magazines or even my own book.  Well then, I’d have to work on my language if I can do that. That would be my next hope for the future.

If anyone of you watched Charmed, I want to be somewhat like Pheobe. Maybe you’ll see my face somewhere, since I cannot be a model, around Singapore. I do know that Singaporeans do not like to take advice, I think it’s some Ego issues or trust issues with the knowledgeable one.


Also, in the future, I’m going to get married to the right person and like adopt kids from Africa or the UK. It’s pretty far-fetch, but this is ‘hope’ that could happen. You never know.

When I’m free to venture of to the terra incognita, I’m going to search for this girl and adopt her.Holy fuckballs, I just realize my face in this picture mirrors nothing of me. My nose is not that huge!!! OK, a little. Many, many pimples from accidentally putting Vaseline on my face on Table Mountain. [Hey, it was really cold and my face was dry, ok!] But we’re talking about the children here.

I don’t want to get too rich and die alone. So, having sufficient money but still be in contact with all of my friends would be one of my main goal for the future. I don’t want to forget them when I’m famous. If I become too famous, I’ll neglect them and all, and it would be so sad in the end. WHOOPS SORRY, I WAS TRAPPED IN MY INTERIOR MONOLOGUE. Where was I? Oh yes. More friends in future.

OK, here’s the kicker, maybe when I have my own column, I’ll write about all the people who ever made fun of me. I don’t need to mention the hundreds of you, you know it and I’ll shoot and hunt each and every one of you DOWN. Right down to the filth of the earth. Oh wait, scrap that last part. Earth is good…….Right down to the filth of your own ignorance!!! That’s better.

Lastly, wouldn’t it be nice if I were to be on a cover of a magazine, selling like hair products? I mean, I’m a fine believer of great hair=great confidence. Hair is part and parcel of your emotion. And once my head gets buzzed off, so does my life. Anyway!, why not? (Don’t answer, I’ll kill you)

Good night everyone! until next time!!!


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