Challenge Day 11: 10 random songs on my MP3

My song selection is pretty out of the ordinary, so please forgive me.

1) La Roux_ I’m not your toy: I discover this song on Youtube. It’s a good dance song when you’re at home and you’re feeling bored and you just want to find a more excitable way of exercising. Yes, that’s the way.

2) Norah Jones_ The prettiest thing: Very soothing song. I was expecting another of her song to pop out of my shuffle mode, but this will do.

3) Stevie Nicks_ Landslide: This is a very geographical/lovey-dovey song. It’s very soothing as well. Love it, still do.

4)Regina Spektor_ Us: I just uploaded this song in my MP3. She has this very unique voice that I like.

5) The Beatles_All you need is love: I knew this song from the X factor. Didn’t like this version, but still put it on for no better reason.

6) Hermes Spring Summer 2009 Menswear Full Show: This is actually a runway show video, I love the song, and you know how I need to have this beat when I’m walking. It gives me a style and it makes me feel good when I’m walking. You can’t blame me for that, can you?

7) The Lion King On Broadway_ The Lioness Hunt: You know I’m in love with the African culture, and Lion King is surely one of them. I dance to the fast beats as well….at home. Listen to it, to make me feel better. The instrumental is just wonderful

8) The Cure_ Tainted Love: Mind you, this is the only song that I like from him, simply because the original was from a 1976 era. It was an oldies song.

9) Hercules_ The Gospel truth: Umm……I can explain. No I can’t. I just love the song, that’s all. Don’t judge.

10) Scissors Sisters_ I don’t feel like dancing: This is my go-to song when I’m feeling down. It has high pitches that I cannot reach but attempts to.

Well, that’s it. It’s not the well-known songs in 2011, but hey! Song selections are purely individualistic. Maybe it does tell about the person. OK let’s see…

1) The hair! (was)

2) No idea

3) Maybe about the love for geography and maybe the dopey look that she’s giving.

4) Since her voice is unique…I’m considered unique! yay me!!! -_-

5) The British side of me? What do you say, Aisyah?

6) I’ll not say anything about it. You already know.

7) African fanatic, represent!

8) A side of me is a tinge emo-ish.

9) Still in love with disney and cartoons.

10) Umm…. fanciful?


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