First day of NS: Revelation of the cleanly bald look.

Well, I shall leave no detail. I’ll go straight down to the first day…today 11/01/2011

Well, you probably have seen these pictures in my facebook, but I haven’t got anymore. Anyway, we got onto the bus to HRI, I was having a bad stomach ache from MacDonalds, so the smile was pretty fake. Anyway, after we alight from the bus me and my sister already has to go on our separate ways. I had to sit in some room, to read this Oath of Allegiance out loud.  You know me, I don’t really scream. I…umm…verbally amplify my voice.

So after that we had to line up and say goodbye.

My hair was already messy, because of the rain and the humidity, so I was ready to get my hair cut.

Lo and behold, we walked up to the amphitheater to get our head shaved. To tell you the truth, I had a little pee running down my pants.  I couldn’t imagine myself with a bald head. It never occurred to me as one of my optional look.

OHOH, I have to tell you what this Malay uncle whom I had a conversation with. Totally random, but maybe because he wants to take my mind of from the haircut thing. Imagine me speaking in Malay…in a German/African/British accent all in one. GO!

Him: Ada cucu? (Got Grandson?)

ME: HUH??? Adik beradik? 2 ( HUH??? Siblings? 2)

Him: Oh, Dak kahwin? ( Married already?)….[as if right?]

ME: Belum lah, baru 18, belum lagi habis sekolah ( Haven’t yet lah, I’m only 18, not even ended my full education)

Him: JC kan? Memang susah lah. Kenapa tak amek Poly? Senang kan? ( JC, right? Why didn’t you go to Poly? Isn’t it easier?)

ME: Umm, Time tu, belum pasti lagi ape nak buat lah. ( Umm, At that time, I’m uncertain of that to take lah)

Him: Tinggal kat mana? (Where do you live?)…[ At this time I was already sensing a bit of stalker-like person]

ME: Yishun

Him: Oh ok lah, dekat juga ( Oh OK lah, quite a short distant from there to HRI)

( BUZZZZes done. )

I said Thanks to him, and then we went of to take our stuff. I’m in Army 3.  That should be great. Changed in front of everyone Didn’t look at anyone. Luckily I was well prepared. I wore my YSS shorts inside, so I was fully comfortable, but it left me with a puffy pants that is not attractive. AT ALL.

Other than that, the whole day was only admin work, and went home.

I’m not use to too much wind blowing throw my head. SO I had to wear a scarf... even now



That bag, mind you, it was really heavy. I was suffering a really full bladder tank plus carrying that heavy eco-friendly bag (Uplifting, I know) and my back was killing me. And there you go! My bald look. At this point, I didn’t know how I looked like with my bald look, because there were no clear mirrors. All I could see were my shadows, and I looked like a freaking teacup with 2 handles. MY EARS WERE STICKING OUT!!!

Anyway, I have a lot of admin stuff to fill up before going back there tomorrow.

Anything you need to know???? It’s all down here.

1) Hafeez Ghadafi is in my platoon! YAY

2) Met a new good friend named Alex[ander]




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