Challenge Day 12: Bullet through Wednesday

  • Woke up 5.45am, bathe, one swipe of the towel on my head.
  • Went to Yew Tee MRT station a tad too early
  • Sat with Alex at Macs
  • (At HRI) ‘Fall in’ and learned basic footdrills [Missed SJAB days] and discipline stuff
  • Listened to lectures for a couple of hours.
  • Froze my ass off in the Auditorium
  • Ate lunch, separated into Muslim and Non-Muslim
  • Didn’t talk throughout lunch
  • Did surveys
  • Got interviewed by my PC (Still have no idea what that means)
  • Told him about my financial and physical problem.
  • Waited till 5pm by reading my book and talking to new friends.
  • Went onto the bus to Yew Tee MRT station
  • Bought “Peach Red Tea Triple Pearl” $1.60 only. A really good deal
  • Crossed the traffic light (Didn’t jaywalk anymore)
  • Went home only to eat 2 slices of bread.
  • Blogged
  • Still blogging
  • Going to play “Fairy Godmother Tycoon”
  • Going to Pack my bag for tomorrow.
  • Going to sleep.

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