Challenge Day 13: Somewhere I’d like to move or visit [again]

Most people would say Australia or America or any Westernized countries, but I have to stick to Africa. Not the corrupted zones of course, but like Cape Town. It’s still white-dominated, but the culture there is way different from Singapore. You’ve probably have known that I’ve been to South Africa last year [If you don’t know that, then you’re a douche…totally joking] and it was actually my best experience ever. The people there really knows some manners. I mean, phrases like “Please” and “Thank you” can rarely be heard here. I’m not trying to say that I always have good manner. I can be quite rebellious, but it depends on the place I’m in.

Also, you don’t sweat there. Isn’t that cool? The humidity levels are so low, I can wear a jacket on a sunny day, without even breaking a sweat.

The only thing I’ll worry about is the safety at night. Morning, totally safe. It should be. Maybe not. No wonder we only alight the bus in front of a building or a cathedral-ish place.Well, if every day was morning in Africa, I’d love to move there.

Maybe when I’m there, I’ll join the African cultural dance company or something and make a living out of it. Who knows, right?

Anyway, Africa would be the place I would like to move. If ‘visit’, possibly the Western countries. But you’re already asking me, “Hafiiz, why not Asian countries?” Well, my friends, I like Asian culture and their people. Wait ‘their’ would include me but don’t get me wrong, I still love them. I’d prefer a different lifestyle. I think my potential is limited in suburbs and small cities. A bigger and a more established country would be where I should shine.

Did I went too far? I’m so sorry. I’m just drained out of my life form after sitting hours listening to lectures and silent foot drills today. Not only that, I’ll be getting injections tomorrow. I… don’t like any foreign objects to enter into my body but since every one is doing it, and it’s kind of compulsory, I’ll just have to suck it up. I’ll not look at the “Inject-or”-doctor or whoever you’d like to call them. I felt the sting before when we had to take a jab for the trip to Africa. It was fast and ‘close to painless’ but still, 2 to 3 jabs is freaky!


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