Challenge Day 14: My earliest memory

I’m trying my hardest to remember.

When I was little…………….sorry, I was having a flashback of my life. I’m someone who have a good memory of my own life but they are only short instances in which I remember. Every memory here would be in my Kindergarten days. I don’t know the order, but I do remember the time when I stuff red seeds into my ears and it got stuck. I was pretty stupid at that time. My brain wasn’t functioning as much as it does now. What do you do when you see something that fits into a hole? You insert them? Hold on, not in a sexual way! How dare you.

Anyway, I can recall the time when I accidentally thought that a guy was my dad. It happened countless of times. I mean, I tugged him and holding his hands like all toddlers would do, denoting that they want some kind of attention. I was drunk with power when I was young. In fact, I thought all male grown ups was my dad. It was pretty embarrassing to think that just establish a person to be my father.

I have to give a disclaimer, all these memories could be true, it might not be, but it’s ingrained in my head somehow and that’s all I need. I’m actually stopping to think of any past memories. It’s hard, especially when you don’t want to include any bad memories into your blog. This is suppose to be a happy blog, and I’m going to keep it that way.

I also got bullied by a girl. I know! You’d think I’m making these shit up but she was a bad ass. People have said that as she walked into class or a class party, the whole party divided into 2 camps. We were so afraid of her. I did her art projects. I gave her my erasers. Oh and at that time, collecting erasers were the ‘IN’ thing. I spent dollars on them. Wasted all of them.

I think all of y’all are sleeping already. Who wants to know about me giving my erasers…to a girl? Damn, my childhood is boring to the max.


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