Challenge Day 15: My favourite tumblr / The day I got my injections

I don’t really follow up on any of the tumblr blogsbut I did research on some well-known tumblrs and here are the links to them. Don’t worry, all are picturesque

Now that’s over, I shall inspire you with yesterday’s events sine today’s challenge is a bit retarded. It’s too short. I cannot stand writing too little.

Yesterday was the medical inoculation. My limbs were already weak and jelly-like when I hear the word, ‘injection’. I did took one in secondary 4. I’m familiar with the pain. It’s really like an ant bite, but a little numb feeling within. So I got jabbed thrice. The picture above is an exaggeration of course. It just wasn’t in the butt. HAHA. My face was more like eating a lemon whole. They said the chicken pox vaccine hurts the most….I didn’t realize that the pain would remain till the next day. My arm is swollen.

Let me just tell you what happen. Everyone of us had to be shirtless. That’s one problem already but I was too scared to bother. It’s not like as if you sit and you get injected. NO. You’re like standing on a travelator and people were just jabbing you. I might sound as if I’m being dramatic, I am. The rest of the day, my hands were weak. I couldn’t be bothered to walk aggressively. Then I felt a little dizzy and slept throughout the movie.


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