Challenge Day 16: Mainstream music!?!? Hell to the NO

What do I think of this kind of music?

Eww. All of you know that I’m more into slow or heartfelt ballad songs…with meanings but it doesn’t hurt to listen to dance songs or pop, so they say. I’m new to this. I have no idea why they are well-known. I mean, most people only like music only because they were played on the radio. I’ll give them credit to be different and unique, but it just sucks. It’s just wailing and screaming. “Posers” is the word that sums things up, but I’m not here to simplistically state. I’m here to rant about my hate for such music.

Maybe the world is filled with such calamity to the extent that the music now mirrors how they feel. Well, that sucks. I want to listen to music that pleases me or calms me and not music that would just make me feel worse, that I already am.

The industry is killing true music like hip hop, jazz, funk and all. Mainstream music is making other better and more meaningful music become invisible. They’ve been hiding in our internet. I’m not crazy about the music industry, but I am concern about the music that they are playing because I have no more songs left in mind to upload it in my MP3.

Mainstream music, I feel, is very personal. Too personal. I know people want to empathize but I’d rather not.  I prefer impersonal, philosophical, and political lyrics that caters to all. It’s more anonymous and I can connect to it well to my own problems, knowing that it will help me heal, somehow. It’s rather complex, but that’s one thing I don’t get from mainstream music other than the ear-piercing noise.

Once I listen to such songs, all I can think of is people killing other beings. It’s kinda like murder but you feel the goriness. Disgusting.


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