Challenge day 17: Highs and lows of 2010

Hey comrades, I’m really tired now. I have no idea why, it’s just the repeating lectures that drains me. I think I’ve said this before. Anyway, here is the rest of the post


1) I turned 18! How often can you say that “I’m finally legal of age”? Once. That’s right!

2) Finished A levels. You’ve probably seen my post about the end of A level.

3) I finally got a hairstyle that I’d like to stick for a long time [until NS of course, but that’s a whole different story]

4) Watched the whole 4 seasons of Ugly Betty.

5) Watched all 8 seasons of Charmed.

6) I got another of my Edusave Bursary thingy!


1) Preparation for A levels [Basically 2/3 of my 18th year gone]

2) Got a Bronze for Drama SYF. [I wasn’t the actor. I was the one in charge of the props]

3) Prom. [Although, I looked fantastic with my vest and I can’t be humble about it. It was pretty expensive]


So now I’ll be dabbling a bit on today and what happened. I didn’t eat lunch. That’s not a surprise for some. I just didn’t want to be forced to eat. I already had a full tank. Speaking of which, I have this sudden feeling of going to the toilet.

Anyways, we were sat for lectures and had to write an essay. I was already loving it among the groans from the whole lecture hall. I mean, you know that I love to write, even though it’s not fantastic. And then, I remembered that it’s been months since I write 12 pages [or more] worth of torturous writing, that I almost forgot how to write….. neatly.

It was pretty bad ass that I could still write. Then came another writing task… This one is more subjective. It was either, “Write about your girlfriend” or “Write about your dream girl”. Pretty ironical for me, but I still wrote about my dream girl. Everyone wrote like a one notebook page worth of essay. I did a Haiku, which I’m really proud of, but never had the chance to read it to them. Which is why, in the official Fizzyfiiz’s blog, I am going to show you my poem!

Blossoms spread across [I don’t know what’s with me and blossoms]

the soft skin of a maiden [Don’t judge]

A smart girl is fine. [Time was up by the time I wanted to finish, so this was what I came up with]

I know it’s not poetry 101 passed, but it was a 15 minutes task. The first 5 minutes was used up when I started thinking about my dream girl.


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