Challenge Day 18: My beliefs

I’m not going to blabber about my religious beliefs. It’s too controversial.

I believe that the world should, one day, be ruled by a strong and focused lesbian. I just heard a gasp. Here me out. We need someone who can balance their work properly and is serious. We need them to turn everything around and sell them for profits. They should not have a family, because family and work cannot go together. They don’t.

I also believe that people should not get married anymore. It should be all union. Like, why not? I mean, there have been many more divorce cases as the time pass by. Cohabitation is on the rise. Single parents exist. Adoption is one of my options. As long as you are happy, that’s fine. I mean, if you’re married, good for you! Keep that flame going, because once that flame burns out, you’ve got to find another route to find love back. I….just lost myself in that paragraph, and so have you, sorry.

Speaking of union, I believe in Harmony. We should all live together in peace and like accept each other for who they are. All of us should be in a constant season of LOVE. Hatred of people is just wrong. We need to see the beauty of each other and like hold each other and hug. Spread flower petals everywhere to exude utter happiness to all. Don’t throw bombs and all. It’s not eco-friendly. Petals are not only bio-degradable, it’s brightly colored and connotes purity and eternity, or something.

I believe in the power of beauty in music and art. It’s refreshing. Like my previous post, mainstream music is such a hell. They have no meaning and has revealed it’s destructive potential. They will bring wrath to your life. Meaningful music [with great tunes, of course] is effective in changing ones mood and revives their soul. OK chop chop Hafiiz, you have work to do!

Another of my belief is that the Arts will soon take over the world. I mean, engineering and science-y subjects aren’t cool. I mean, it’s so technical. The job itself is technical. Subjective is the way and, one day, it’s good for the soul. I don’t want to die as someone who has dedicated all his life in the realm of mathematics or science. It’s not meaningful at all. It’s not the gist of what life has to give. That’s no beauty of life and soul. I love to be inspired and help people, emotionally.


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