Challenge Day 19: Disrespecting my parents/ The day I shine in NS

Oh simple! My mum and I are like this, ‘fingers crossed’, and the only time I disrespect her is when she starts debasing me of the way I walk or when I’m emotional but that’s pretty reasonable. I mean, one doesn’t grow old enough to not disrespect your parents. But don’t get me wrong, I speak no profanity to vent my anger to my mum. I simply shut up, and like tell what’s the real deal, so that the scolding I get is really what I deserve and not some blabber that has nothing to do with me. Sometimes it gets out of control, and I get irritated by it. I’m not a fan of lectures given my parents, and so do y’all. But all you can do is just listen and like explain to them the real situation.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever my mum and I get into a really brutal, verbal fight, we don’t talk to each other. The next day, we’ll be talking to each other as if nothing happened. I really think it’s because they’re your parents so most of our arguments are not that serious.

Imagine the world without parents. Who’s going to give you money when you need them? Who’s going to cook for you? Who’s going to pretend to listen to all your stories? And who’s going to give you the sheer love only a parent can give?

Now is the daily summary of today. Look at that, bitches. That’s right! I’mma certified CPR-er. It goes well along with my first aid certificate. Let me tell you, today was my favourite day ever, just because I know my placing in the universe. Usually, I’ll be lost in the lectures and act all blur but today, I was all prepared. I got ready for the lesson before-hand and read the first aid book from my sister [SHOUT OUT].

Oh, guess what??? I freaking got full marks for my theory first aid test, jealous? Well, some of you may not be, but it’s something I’m really proud of. Something I’m really, somewhat good at in NS. I may not be good in the physical shit, ya, I confess, but this…I soar.

It’s time for my Thank you speech. I’d like to thank my St. John sirs and ma’ams [mostly ma’ams] who taught my first aid. That’s all. And that was 4 years ago. I’m amazed the knowledge still is ingrained in my head.


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