Challenge day 20: How important education is to me.

Now that’s a teller. I’m in JC, I’m planning to go to NUS. Well Duh education is important. And I mean every kind of education. Without one, you can’t get to the other. It’s like a chain process.They say that  it’s in our culture to place education at the top of our priority because in Singapore, without education, you can’t go anywhere. Well, it’s somewhat true. You just need the skills be it entrepreneur or mechanical.

I’m already freaking out, thinking of A levels, but since the worst is over, it should get better. Oh please, let it be

Seriously? I just want the damn degree, so that I’m legal enough to counsel people or write my own shit. My love for writing and people, should be enough. I mean, I should strive for something I enjoy and I find interesting, right? Imagine me being a technician. The world would crumble.

Other than that, I think the beauty is important. We tend to forget what God has endowed us with. Too much technical stuff…might as well die.


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