Challenge Day 21/22: My fave shows/How I have changed in the past 2 years

I think you all know that my favourite show would have to be UGLY BETTY. Maybe someday I’ll work in a magazine…as a writer of course, not a personal assistant. So anyway, the show is very funny but it has a good balance between humor and seriousness. It teaches us a lot of moral. There’s a lot of bitchiness that I like. I can empathize with most of the characters there.

I watched re-runs of this show every year. I have nothing more to say about it, it’s really good.

This show I also love. It’s “My life on the D-list”. My favourite comedienne Kathy griffin has her own reality TV show. I bought her book. It’s full of humor and dick jokes that we all love. There’s a lot of gossiping and a whole lot of her efforts to be famous.


As for Day 22, I’m so sorry I couldn’t do day 21 yesterday [for the tens of you who reads my blog everyday]. After coming back home from camp, I simply “Timber!!!”-ed down onto my bed and like collapse. OK I lied, my mum told me to rest for a while so that I’ll wake up to eat her supper. Well, I fell asleep from 9pm to 7.30am. That’s the longest that I’ve slept.

So anyway, I’ve changed a lot in the past 2 years. In secondary school, and in JC, I’m pretty much the same. Just more dramatic in JC ever since I joined ELDDS. Meeting Lizzie and the rest of the crew just puts the “D” in Drama. However, after a few weeks. I lost about 3kg, and I’m seeing bones on my face that I’ve never seen before. I kinda like it. Well, I’ll share you why I lost so much weight. I didn’t eat during breakfast and lunch. I drink bubble tea every day , and when I come back home, I’m kinda full, so I eat half of what I eat every dinner. I don’t advice anyone to do what I did, I still do. But just drink a lot of liquid. I swear, you can lose it.

I’m also more serious . It’s scary because I’m usually the one laughing at almost everything. Lizzie told me that and I see it in myself. I think it’s because I have to shut up and hide my true identity. When I’m home, I unleash myself. Total drama at home, all suppressed emotions create a hurricane/typhoon.

I help people out more, emotionally. I don’t know why, I’m actually helping my buddy in NS go through with the shit stuff in NS. Oh did I tell you I get headaches when I’m with too many people. It happened twice when I was in the MRT. It’s a short pierce in your head. I’ve never experienced migraine, but I know theoretically, I wasn’t having a migraine. It’s weird, and I want it to stop. So anyway, I’m more helpful and that’s that.

Until next time


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