Poor, poor Medusa

Look at this picture. Before you turn into stone, I’d like to tell you what I think of Medusa. She’s an ugly monster. She’s a killing bitch, but after watching “Clash of the Titans” (2010), I actually find her story quite saddening but not known by all. I’ll give you a short Historical Greek Lesson.

Medusa was very pretty. Every men in Greece wanted to possess her. She started out as a symbol of purity, bound by an eternal vow of chastity to Athena but that damn Poseidon totally raped her. Oh yes he did and stole her virginity. Her innocence, stolen and her life changed. So, Athena was furious…not at Poseidon, but at the victim, Medusa. Well, being a powerful male God, Poseidon was meant to do that. According to Greek Mythology of course. So Medusa was punished for nothing. It’s so saddening to see her life dictated in such a negative connotation.

I sense that in her lair, where all men died [except for one], she’s frustrated at Athena for siding with the males but I don’t get her aggressive and warrior-like character in the movies. Maybe it’s because of men’s greed and power over female that caused her to feel  infuriated over them. Or maybe it’s because she was confined for the rest of her life.

I sense the sadness. I just hope that within the scene when her head got sliced of, she felt relieved that she can finally escape that curse that was not ideally not meant for her.

Medusa: Year One

Fortunately for the 2010 movie of Clash Of The Titans, Medusa was depicted as beautiful, but turned ugly when she looked into the men’s eyes.

I say Medusa is a symbol for jealousy and victimization. I see a certain beauty in Medusa that’s hard to deny if you really know what she went through.


One Response to Poor, poor Medusa

  1. Thomas says:

    Nice piece. It’s true very few know this version of the tale. Then again think of Arachne… there is another version(Well at least three other versions) of that tale. They shed new light on Athena and tie in with the tale of the Gorgon. (Which I have written a story about, from a different point of view.)

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