Challenge Day 23 (not going to happen)

OK, so the challenge today was to give 5 photographs of famous men who I find attractive. Not going to happen. I have some in my mind but, nah.

So since Aisyah somewhat failed to finish up the 30 day challenges, I need to continue. Surely one day won’t matter.

Might as well rant about something, that’s therapeutic. Or share about yesterday’s events?

Oh did I tell you that I got my Edusave cheque yesterday worth $400. All this while I thought I was getting $250. Well, kick my bum and save me some, I’m $400 richer!!!!  To make it even more special, I’m getting my pay [or allowance so they call it] on the 28th of January. That’s another $400. Maybe I shall illuminate you with the wondrous goodies that I’m planning to buy.

1) Save $100 for future uses.

2) Buy more clothes, I’m wearing the same outfit for every 3 days. That’s got to hurt. Something tighter, perhaps. I’m moving into a more edgy look. Last time, I’m like mod-ish. I feel more comfortable when every inch of my clothes touches my body. My mum would say that I’m already stick thin, weighing only 46kg, and shouldn’t wear anything tight. Well, I feel the opposite. If I wear anything baggy, I might look like a hanger in a potato sack. I have no fashion sense, but anything to make me look taller, I’m up for it.

Oh and I’m always wearing Long sleeves, but I fold the sleeves. It’s kinda contradicting, but oh wells.

These clothes dilemma is getting into my head. I’ve always wanted to walk around without clothes, maybe just a patch of cloth. I feel it’s more freeing.

3) Oh face wash and all that hygiene products, I’m trying to control my production of All-Natural oil on my face. Pimple begone, I hope.

Well, after those 3 things, I don’t think I have any more cash to spend.

Oh let me tell you about my day. I’m not going to reveal anything important, don’t worry. I know my limits…. I think. So we’re suppose to write about our personal goals. I the first point I wrote was to achieve a First Class Corporal. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

Then I wrote that I want my writings to get published. I have no idea how. I have some of my works in a website, but they’ve never got enough ratings to get published into “Teenink”. Oh wells, someday.

Then I wrote how I want to gain 10kg in 2 years, in a healthy way. Don’t judge.

I’m already worrying about my A levels, I have no time to think about my personal goals for the next 2 years.

Oh yes my rant! Why do people ask me to recite Shakespeare poems after I told them I took literature? I think they might be suffering from mental retardation. Just a little. No? Whatever. Sure enough one guy kept asking to recite a Shakespearean poem. And all I got in my head was ” Shall I compare thee to the summer’s day”. That’s all I got.


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