Challenge Day 24: Favourite movie

I’m not one who always watched movies. There’s not really a favourite one. Anything that has a good ending is great. I don’t believe in movies whose main purpose is to reveal the truth or dark honesty, so they say. As you all know, I love positivity. I cannot handle bad endings.

Independence Day is a killer to me. Sacrifice the protagonist’s life in order to save the world? And then BOOM, credits. And I’m left there wondering why I watched the movie.

So Old Disney Movies like Alladin or Cinderella works for me. I prefer to think that I live in a fairy tale, at least I will die happy. Oh Finding Nemo’s good.

Movies that has a lesson is also refreshing. Something that will leave us thinking or guessing. Something that inspires us. You know the movies about drummers or dance crews? Well, after watching every movie, I feel like drumming or dancing. Now, that’s the sign that the movie was great.

Oh, I finally found one movie that I’ll never get bored of. “Bodyguard

Call me old-fashion, but once I see Whitney Houston in this movie, belting her vocals out. [Is that the saying? NO idea] It’s a musical. I love Musical Drama movies. So this movie is about Whitney, played by Whitney, in danger from being too famous. Some maniac is stalking her. She got a personal bodyguard. She falls in love with him and the rule is that the bodyguard is not suppose to have any lovey-dovey connection with anyone. So, in the end, he was re-assigned of his mission. Kind of a bad ending, but at least she didn’t die!

So in the end, I feel that I need a balance. I can’t just choose one. I can never just choose one. One needs to be balance in the movies he or she watches. I can’t just watch thriller and leave out fantasy. That just won’t do.

Okay, I’m here blabbering about what movies I like and the 1 reader left is about to leave. Don’t go yet. I might have something to dish out.

I’m actually going through the internet to find out interesting ideas to write in my blog, because I’m suffering the writer’s blog. I’m calling myself a writer now in my HAVEN.

OK, I’m lost. I’d love to tell you guys about today’s events but I’m always worried of what I’m writing. I tend to let my fingers to all the typing and not noticing any inappropriate sentences posted in my blog.

Until next time!!!


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