Why Communicating with girls is different from guys.

Hey guys, I’m bored now and that’s why I’m writing another post. There’s no movies to watch. I’m saving reruns of my favourite shows for other days.

Making friends with guys are totally different from that with girls. The day I entered the male-dominated battle field, I was sure to make new friends with this plan —> Act stupid and vulnerable. Once they talk to you, ask them questions to start of the conversation. Laugh at their jokes and look into their eyes then they talk. Well, I forgot that I’m going to communicate with a whole new sub-species called, ‘Egoistic chauvinistic male’ [some of them of course]. I had to stand out as if I’m some barbaric monkey who’s in need of food. Some of them really are filled with sexist bones you can barely count them.

I’m someone who has no sexist bone, I see everyone as equal … before I get to know them, of course. So when you act dumb and vulnerable, I’m already pushed out of the hierarchy system. So that’s the bummer. My plan is totally meant for girls.

Asking them questions, works as always but some don’t even look at you. I’m particular about this because I’m one who needs eye contact to have a connection. Some of them don’t even bother to look at me. Yet, some of them have the most charming eyes anyone could ever see. I understand if I’m behind that person, he doesn’t need to turn 180 degrees behind and look at me. But when you’re like right beside me, and I’m already magnetized to your eyes and yet you look as if you’re talking to yourself ? That totally sets the tone.

Most girls tend to look me into the eyes, that’s good.

Laughing at their jokes is such a teller, we need to show guys that they are funny and interesting as do girls. So the lesson is that, one has to adapt to fit in. Sounds like a poem I studied. Is it “Foreign”? I don’t know.


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