Challenge Day 27: Current problems I’m facing.

Considering the situation I’m in right now, the main problem is to make friends of a different type. You may have read my previous post on how communicating with girls is different from guys. Well, that problem is on top of my list. It’s pretty hard to be yourself when ‘yourself’ is seen as a minority. I mean, Hafeez asked me, once, whether I’m that quite. When, in actual fact, I’m really not. I’m a dramatic boy. I’m not around with my people anymore. I’m trying so hard to blend in and remain invisible but you can’t be invisible in a male-dominated group, you’d just stand out more in a negative way.

Great friends, I have made. Confidence level, not achieved to my liking. I’m even disappointed at myself when I’m looking in the mirror. You guys know I’m from St. Johns [shout out to Aisyah] last time. This means I’m kinda good in my foot drills. So the thing is, I really wanted to do the timing, but my voice is too soft. Last time, there were only 20 people or less in our squad, so my voice does get carried along but now, well, let’s just say that it’s really hard to scream [especially with a tiny and flamboyant voice like mine, PFFT it’s very embarrassing]. Just so you know, I don’t ever want to be the timer. Anyways, it sucks big time, but what do you have to do, right? However painful it may be, with the people around me, I can get this through.

I also have a problem eating right. I eat loads of sweets during lectures to keep myself awake. I don’t eat breakfast and lunch. I’m hungry all the time. Basically, I’m an unhealthy person, and it’s killing me. I tried eating breakfast this morn’, but I got stomach ache . Sure enough, it killed me in the morning. I mean, the world just crumbled upon me. I couldn’t sit properly. I couldn’t do the cheers right. I was in a bad mood through out the morning. I’m a morning bitch I tell you. Luckily it died down in the afternoon. Never am I going to eat breakfast [when I mean breakfast, I meant the 6.00 am one. 8.30am one is fine]

Oh, other problems like my baggy pants, I can get my mum to fix that.



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