Challenge Day 28: What do I miss?

I miss all my female friends. I feel that they’ve been taken out of my life. Luckily I’m meeting them tomorrow, but I’m so tired now. I’m hoping it doesn’t carry forward tomorrow. I don’t even know if I wrote that correctly. Too tired to check my grammar.

I miss the hectic lifestyle. It’s kinda strange but if I don’t feel the rush, time passes by really slowly. I don’t miss JC let me tell you that, but I miss that feeling when you need to go to the next lecture, or when you need to do a test, or when you need to finish up your assignment the next day. It’s so thrilling, it’s like a drug.

I miss my hair. Without it, my confidence level is like plunged to zero. I miss hair spraying my hair. The smell of the gas gives me tingles in my toes.

I miss sleeping for long hours at night and in the afternoon. I’ve been really busy, OK that’s not the right word. I’m held back.

Oh and I miss geography lessons. Pretty geeky and cheesy but that’s the truth.



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