Challenge Day 29: My goals for the next 30 days./ Cancelled date

Holy shitballs, I’m down with a fever!!!

OK here’s the thing. For the next 30 days, I have no goals. I feel that if I ever had a goal, it will never ever work out. Gain a few pounds [ehk], get a new haircut. Not a serious goal that’s never going to happen. So I’ll leave it to fate. Whatever comes my way, I’m sure to find a way out. I want to score a high mark for my test next Monday. Get rid of my pimples.

Start journaling and come up with my own creative juice.

Write more interesting topics in my blog. Get more readers. I can never get it over 20. It’s like stuck at 18 readers. Maybe I should do a stunt.

Oh I’ve been hearing a lot of my mates planning to go into medicine or engineering. I mean, almost all are taking a diploma in engineering or planning to get a degree in medicine or engineering. I’m on the fence with sociology, psychology, geography or mass communication. So, I’m not the norm. I feel that people like me [arts students] are brought into this world for emotional and psychological reasons, while science students umm… build complicated stuff so that we buy it from them? No idea what I just said.


So let’s dish out what happened yesterday. SO it was photo taking day. All I could say it that, my smile felt like something you’d eat when you’re sick. My eyes, I think, one was bigger than the other. The thing is, it was a bad shot, I don’t even care if it’s free. I’d pay to not see it.

I didn’t eat again. The food that afternoon was laksa. And as soon as I saw the list, I was like, “Shit!, a food that I actually love” In the end, I ate this saliva like, mucus-y substance with chopped corn in it. It was bland, and the weather, alone, was already making me sick. It was too cold. When rain is spitting at you and continuous cold wind blowing at you, you just shiver your hair off. I mean talking, alone, was difficult when rain is entering into your mouth. It was cold throughout the day.

So, on my way home, I decided to buy bubble tea. Yes, it was still raining, and a cold drink wouldn’t kill me, right? Well, I ran out into the rain to get my cold bubble tea during a rainy afternoon. Ya, I ran. I was a running bubble tea maniac.

So sure enough I’m down with a fever. I could feel it. At first a sore throat, then the cold came in, then I felt cold. I was worried I couldn’t meet up with my friends today. Well, I couldn’t. I’m still sick. It sucks big time. Don’t get me wrong, the bubble tea was bubbly-tastic and pearl-tastic. Triple pearl will always be my order.

But this morning I had to make my POSB card. I dragged my feet all the way to NorthPoint with my mum and made a card for meself. Of course, I had to feel the money. $50 with me. Haven’t spent a dollar yet. The first thing I’ll buy is a prepaid card. I can’t keep using my mum’s phone. I mean, I have to feed the beast. The phone bills and all. Make the monthly nut. And if you think it’s not a business, just watch.

I’m very motivated by money. And I found out that money makes you happy. So the old adage is totally wrong. I’m happier with money than I was at home for the last 17 years.



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