Food Cravings… *drools*

Since I’m always hungry, tonight’s off-topic theme is on Food.


I love cereal. It’s healthy. It’s delicious. It miraculously doesn’t give me stomach ache in the morning. I love it when it’s with cold milk. And, it’s pretty cheap. Here’s my favourite cereals.

Do you remember Oreo O’s? I love to sandwich the marshmallow in between the oreo cereal and eat them with milk. YUM! Although, I can’t seem to find them anymore in NTUC. Where has it gone to? Too famous? No one wants them anymore? Too sweet?

Oh Coco Pops. Turning milk into chocolate milk. I might buy a couple of cereal boxes tomorrow after writing this post.

Now, this brand is really expensive. A small box would cost you around $6 but it’s worth every dollar simply because a small portion goes a long way. I love the sweet honey crunchy stuff.


I need some good Satay sticks. It’s been too long since I ate a good meal of Satay. Fatty meat strips dunked into a nutty nut sauce. That’s Malay-tastic.

Thosai Masalah!!!! Best ones found near Mustafa Centre. I’m going there during the Chinese New Year holidays. Last time I ate Thosai was 6 months ago.


Oh faints. It’s been a year since I ate a bar of Cadbury Chocolate. It has an exquisite flavour that sets me up on fire.

OK, I can explain. This is the biggest hard candy there is out there. I mean, I usually bite the candy out because the frame was irritating.

Now here’s the winner. I think you can only get the halal ones in the weigh-in shops. That’s the only place I find with the halal signs. Oh man, sour sweets are just my favorite. YUM

My favorite drink is found in the bubble tea shop, so that’s settled then.


LAYS!!!!!! It’s really expensive. Which is why, I only bought it once. It’s about close to $6 but the thrill from eating every crisp is so satisfying. A generous amount of flavor and spices.

I’ll give you a tip: If you want to savor every moment. Literally eat in small bites with your lips covering the crisps while biting. Keep doing that until your lips is covered with its flavorings. Then you lick your lips. BOOM. A burst full of flavors enters your mouth. I mean, if you’re spending $6 for a packet of crisps, might as well eat it in a variety of methods than chunking it all into your mouth, right?


My favorite drink is found in the bubble tea shop, so that’s settled then.

OH wait, I know one. STARBUCKS!!!!!!!

That’s right!!! I only tasted Starbucks once. It’s pretty sad, but I really want to drink a bottle full and not sleep for a week. I’m willing to do anything for a cup of caramel Frappuccino.


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