Challenge Day 30:My highs and lows of this month/ Ye olde Granny

I think I’ve state all of my problems and my highs for this month. I don’t want to reiterate myself. It’ll be boring and not interesting. Just like this.


So today I had to go to the mosque to get preached. I don’t even know if that’s the right word, but who cares. Let me tell you, I’ve never felt more religious in this rain than I ever did in my 18 years if living. I think it was the bald look with the cool wind blowing through my hair.

Now here’s the problem. The Ustaz there has his own demographic and that’s old grannies. His jokes are funny, but only to them. The only young people in the whole ‘lecture’ was me, my brother and a 3 year old boy who was rolling on the floor during that hour.

So, I’m there, trying to listen to him while my brother is drawing his anime. Of course I was distracted. When a joke is meant for the old ladies, and it’s in Malay, you tend to drift off.


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