The $50 note that never left the wallet, until today!!! [Insert horror music]

After withdrawing $50 from my account, I have been feeling really worried of using it. I finally know how it feels like when you really want to buy something, but afraid that you might over spend. It’s this guilty feeling after years [since primary 3] of saving all of my Edusave award money and then you’re spending it. Pretty epic.

I’m afraid of spending because I’m thinking of all the people who have much more money than me who could spend ten times more than me and it drives me to save 25% of whatever I’m getting every month. There’s a tip for you. Just save 25% of whatever you get.  That’s the least you can do.

So today I spent $20 on my prepaid card. It’s time for that to happen. And just like that I’m left with $30.

Well, it’s not over yet. My mum told me that any junk food I want, I need to use my own money. I almost fainted. I don’t know if I should buy something worthwhile but it might scrape a little bit more out of my $30 or buy something that has a financial cushion on my back.

Sure enough, I was in cold storage to buy my crisps. I looked at the Kettled Cooked Lays packet and picked it up. Then, after one minute of admiring it, I realized how small the packet was. Dang, it costs over $5. Hey’ll to the Naw.

SO I got the $1.65 Tomato flavored crisp and lined up. Then I switched to Lays, thinking that I deserve better. PFFT. Then I switched to some other big packet crisps that costs $3.

Oh wait, I’ve got to tell you about this woman who actually opened up a carton of eggs and switched the bad ones with the good eggs. How inconsiderate is that??? She’s taking the good eggs, and we get the rotten, shit covered eggs? I’m about to go off!!!!!

I’m planning to buy my facial products. Eating loads of sweets during lectures has led to major breakouts on my face, you can’t even count them. I’m just hoping it’s worth the money.


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