Here comes the sun (du du du du)

That’s right bitches. The rain has stopped for 2 consecutive days and the sun has finally shown “herself”. Yup, I’m calling the sun a “she”. Women’s rights all the way. Equality for all, and all that jazz.

So the rain stopped. It’s been 2 days since I last seen the sun. And this afternoon, I saw her for 3 minutes before she sets. Wow, it was that short. The moment that we were all waiting for [basking ourselves in the warmth of the sun] lasted for 3 minutes-ish. Well, that sucks. It’s still cold outside.

Did you know that the highest average temperature today was only 28 degrees Celsius? Pretty Bad ass right? I was shivering through out the day, brought my coat everywhere with me.

During the 2 days of rain, I fell sick. Like cold, sore throat and fever. The fever and cold is gone. I’m now left with a raspy voice. I’m afraid I can’t shout during my Graduation tomorrow. Whatevs. I’m actually loving my sexy voice. I’m been wanting to hear myself talk like this for a really long time. 2 years to be exact.

So anyway, the most satisfying way to sooth sore throat is to eat vanilla ice cream. Well, that’s what Ruzzie told me. Sure enough, I went down to the mama shop to buy ice-cream. . . . . . I know! Once I got to the ice cream storage box, it was full. Why, Duh!!! Let me tell you, the prices for ice cream is really high. I spent $1.30 for a small cone of vanilla ice cream. At least it really does sooth my throat.

But before that, I ate chicken rice with extra chilli, and hot and spicy potato chips. I was about to die. I wasn’t thinking. I panicked.

I’m also watching what I’m eating, because after the major break outs from the sweets I ate, I bought me-self this moisturizer [Nu teen] that minimizes my pores. My skin is less oily. Thank god, my pimples clearing up. The after effects of the pimples are still there but after 3 days, I’m pimple free. No new pimples appeared. I’m not going to get so hopeful yet, but I’m being positive on the 3rd day basis. It’s for oily skin, definitely. That’s because my skin didn’t look shiny/oily.

People gave bad reviews on this product because they use it with an intention to hydrate their skin. I mean, it specifically state that it’s best for oily skin.

I’m going to buy L’Oreal MEN EXPERT Pure and Matte Pore Minimising Toner. It will cost me about $13. I’m going to look for cheaper ones. My face is too oily, it’s like wiping fried chicken on my face.

Hold on, tomorrow’s Graduation!!! I’ll miss most of the people there. They’re really nice. They make me laugh. Oh man, the 4 weeks only felt like 17 days. Well, that’s because it was only 17 days.

Until next time!!!




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