ceremonia de graduación [POC or something]

We were performing somewhat like this, but without all the tassels and colors.

Well, today was the POC, the Passing Out Ceremony. All of us practicing our cheers, all of us sick as a wilted flower. I still have my raspy voice. No position to sing or scream, at all. We’re like weeds rather than daisies at that point of time.

So, after Platoon one performed, it was out turn. I wasn’t nervous. No idea why. Just had this goal to finish it and get through with the performances because all of us had low morale. But don’t get me wrong, we’re still as tight as birds to its feathers. [No idea why I used that analogy]

So I stood in my position and we started singing. Let me tell you, we were so bad, the high ranking gentlemen had to stop us. I mean, the point when he stood up and walked towards the mike already made me feel nauseous. Apparently we weren’t singing at same pace to the extent that it all seems like a mumble.

After that’s over, it was time for us to receive our certificates. I couldn’t scream, so you can imagine how I screamed, “SI*break*IIIR!!!!”. It was pretty disastrous. So here’s the conversation that I have to tell you when I shook hands with the Sir.The brackets are my interior monologue, which you guys have access to now.

ME: Good Morning sir! [Still with the raspy voice]

SIR: Apa Khabar? [Wait, did he just said that?]

ME: Umm…[Let me tell you, I was panicking. I didn’t expect that. I was like in my head, “WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO SAY???”” and then I went..]…..Kabar…Baik.

SIR: You need to eat more [What an appropriate thing to say during my Graduation right? but nonetheless he’s still so sweet and such a nice man. I totally respect him]

ME: Oh, yes sir. Thank you so much sir. [That was all my heart could say. What did you expect me to say? “Well Sir, I’m fine with my own body, and so should YOU!!!”??? Not!!!]

Well, the ceremony, as a whole, was very successful. I had good laughs. I’m so sick right now. Feeling a little bit feverish right now.



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