I’m posted to…

NEE SOON DRICLAD CENTRE BABY!!!! Yes!!! I’ve never heard that place before in my entire life. Nee Soon Camp, Yes, but not DRICLAD CENTRE. Why are they even side by side? Well, I’ll wait and see.

As you can see. The green shaded area is my comfort zone. YSS ans YJC is located there. So, when you take Fizzyfiiz out of his comfort zone, you get a lost boy in the woods.

Meanwhile, I’m celebrating and blessed with the posting that I got. I bought meself [wait for it, not bubble tea] Cocoa Frosties!!!! There’s no milk, but the taste is enough.

What I’m planning to do is to smile all the time. Salute to the people I’m suppose to salute. I don’t know if I should act the vulnerable kind or straight up come out as the dramatic one. Maybe not, it my scare people. I need to test the waters first. I don’t think anyone else is posted to the same unit. Most of them who are posted in Yishun are posted to Nee Soon Camp.

I just hope I don’t get lost.


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