It’s just fate

Blindfold 005.jpg

I feel like a blindfolded person, partly precognitive. Every time we plan to go out, there’s always something that would cancel it. That’s right readers, it’s hard for me, Ruzzie and Lizzie to go out.

Singapore Flood

Mum says it’s fate that we’re not meant to go out during those days. I feel the same way. On the first ‘date’ I had a fever. And right at that moment when we’re suppose to meet [I’m at home watching YouTube videos], it started to rain. And that was the 2 consecutive rain that spoiled everyone’s mood. So imagine this, if we went out, in Orchard, it would probably flood right? Or did the anti-flooding mechanism worked? Whatever

Sure enough the second time round, Lizzie got caught up in work or something due to CNY, I think. I sure do miss her.

You know what, the day we hang out, would most likely be the time when we’re looking like this..

Hear my words, hear my rhyme
Heed the hope within my mind
Send us back to where we’ll find
the easiest friendship in space and time



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