The trip to Mustafa Centre/ Grandma’s house

That’s right readers, it’s been months since I’ve visited Mustafa Centre and today is the day that I get out and smell the spices that fills my Indian side of me up with adrenaline. OK, maybe I did went overboard with it. I’m just there for a good breakfast. Nothing better than Thosai Masalah to start of the day.

Oh and the Teh Tarik is also divine.

I was wearing this sharp-toed shoe. It’s pretty comfortable actually.

Oh wait, guess who I met there? [Wait for it] Hafeez Ghadafi. I know. I was surprised. So anyway, after breakfast we went shopping. Didn’t find the perfume I wanted.

After buying all the stuff we went to my Grandma’s house. I wasn’t all excited with that event of the day, but I was looking forward to it because it’s been a long time since I visited her. She’s my Mustafa Centre, if you think about it.

So anyway, I was sneezing non-stop, my nose was runny, it was horrible. Sure enough, I was given an advice by my lovely Granny. Smear turmeric paste over my nose bridge and it will cure my ‘common cold’. The sight of a yellowish nose doesn’t attract me, but if something that simple can cure it, why not right?

OK, this picture is an exaggeration, I wasn’t that happy about it [Yah, I was bitter about it] and it was only on my nose.

And so I did. I did some research on the turmeric myth. [Oh yeah, I totally am researching about it.] It seems that the use of turmeric is true, but I have to drink it with milk. Or, you burn it, and inhale the gas. Or you mix it in water and boil it, and then you inhale the vapor. I’m lost.

Well, my nose have never felt more yellow in my entire life. Let me tell you, the moment I slather the paste on my nose bridge, I stopped sneezing. It’s definitely a psychological short term effect, because an hour later, I was irritating the whole family with my sneezing.

I’m just hoping the day I get posted into my new unit, I’m all healthy and ready to work/learn.



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