Being sick + watching sad movies = The greatest feeling ever.

Hey readers, if you see red mucus coming out from your nose do you,

a) Freak out?

b) Touch it and investigate if it’s blood or whatnot?

c) Just wash it and start blowing your nose till the bitter end?

It’s a) and c) for me. Who’d touch it?

So anyway, I’ve been sick for the last 2 days. All because of stupid me running in the rain to get my bubble tea. But I’m getting better now. All thanks to Actifed, Nimm2, and Sad movies. It’s a childhood remedy. The sweet just makes the whole journey less painful. It’s packed with Vitamins.

All my constant sneezing had led to my mum telling me to tie a piece of cloth around my nose, so no one else gets my cold. And so I did. Amazing how the bridge of my nose can hold that shitty cloth in place while I tie it around my neck. That’s a use for my elephante nose.

Now, you know how drinking Actifed would end up, a drowsy boy who’d fall asleep anywhere. All I could think of was lying on my bed. So sure enough, in the mosque, I slept. I mean, the moment I sat down, my eyes just shut. Fortunately, I was awake during the preaching part. I dragged myself home and slept again.

Now what’s with me loving sad movies? I mean, it ends in a negative note.


It’s about a rich guy with cancer and he needs a nurse.[But, seriously, he needs someone to be with].  So Hillary, played by Julia Roberts, became the nurse and falls in love but found out that he’s going to die anyways. Cut to, the movie ends off with the last moments they spend together. Luckily they didn’t show the scene when he would die. It shows the commitment between 2 loved one. Basically, it’s a good ending with a hidden bad ending. I didn’t cry because I know it’s a good ending and that he’d die knowing someone will be there with him.


I regret watching this movie because the artist died. All the movies I watched, someone dies. Kinda sad, but I don’t know why I still watch it.

I watched Desperate Housewives with my sister too. I’m not the type who watched these shows, but that episode I just had to watch it. It’s a sad episode, so Yay me.

I’m recovering right now. My mum told me that if you have a blocked nose, and no sneezing, you’d be getting better. Well, we’ll just have to see about that.


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