Off to the beach to… rejuvenate?

So today we had to go to the beach. I wasn’t looking forward to it, so I had to suck a whole lot up and put on a mask and leave the house. There’s the fake smile!

So the water is pee-tastic and it’s orange in colour. MMM, Yummy. I feel that the old adage that sea water can cure skin problems is false. The sand, maybe, but the water is as filthy as coffee.

I didn’t dare to go into the water yet. It was cold. I felt sick straight away. It took my like 15 minutes for me to be submerged until my neck. I couldn’t bear to have my face touch the pee/saliva/fart[it can dissolve in water, you know] concentrated water.

So when you’re with my family, you have to be ready for a photo shoot. It’s very amateurish.

So after one hour of me swimming [OK, I wasn’t swimming, it’s more of waddling in the water] I had to get out. “Stuff” was getting into my shorts, and it’s not a nice sight. I dried myself [the breeze was strong] and went into the tent and changed. We decided that it would be such a waste of time and comfort to line up for the toilet cubicles, so might as well hurry up change and get back home.

Oh and I realize that my jeans was so loose after swimming. I must have lost some weight into the sea. Amazing. I was doing a lot of water Yoga movements in there, I can tell you that…. just to stay afloat. AND, at one point this couple told us to get out of the water because there was a small snake. Isn’t that great?

Now, behind closed tents, no one saw me. I was standing in the tent to change. It was so uncomfortable, it was between standing and squatting. I mean, my thighs have never felt so tight before.

So here’s the meat, I was sitting down and I felt this dampness on my gluteus maximus area. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to change my wet underwear. You can kill me now and sell me to the Karang Guni for profits. Every step I make is a cold sensation. I’m sorry you have to read this, but I feel that it is necessary for the readers to learn that  … you have to change your underwear after swimming. Are you laughing now, readers? It was such a stupid decision and I want someone to hold me. Now I might have rashes the next morning. Pfft.

So we took more pictures. I tried to take a picture of my sister under a coconut tree.

We went to the fishing area and found out that it was a dangerous place to hang out especially when people are flinging their rods into the sea.

Well, after that embarrassing moment, we took a cab to North point and shop for necessities.



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