New Unit, new life./YAY for X-men.

So, today was anew life for me. It’s like a working day for me. I was ready to make a good impression.

The moment I step into the camp, this high ranking gentleman told me that my beret looked like a Roti Prata. Yuh, that’s my first impression, the dude with a food-like head piece on his head. It’s like a tight slap on my face as soon as I walk into the camp.

Oh quote of the day: “Aiyo, I eat like a Pariah bitch!!!”. Basically, this guy was eating is a very messy manner till the rice grains was all over the place. [Let me tell you, every time I think about it I started giggling, and I pretend to be looking at my phone or newspaper so it doesn’t look retarded.]

Nothing much happened, other than waiting. Mostly that actually. I’m hoping to have a more meaningful day tomorrow.


You know I wouldn’t miss watching X-men at 7.30pm. And yet, I did. My brother had to concentrate with his studies.

Some of you know my love for X-men. Some people like K-pop, some like Naruto or One Piece. Well, I love X-men. Not only because of their mutant abilities, but I feel this connection with them. Unlike some Anime fanatics who only like the characters because of their coolness, I see my heroes and morlocks in a psychological and emotional point of view.

The M-day is when all the mutants were DE-powered and killed just because society does not accept their difference and classify their difference as a disease. In the end there were only 198-ish mutants left with their powers still active. It’s really sad to know that almost 90% of the mutants were killed.

I don’t want to go all details about this topic [although I’d love to] because I know people won’t be bothered to read it.

Below are some of the mutants whom I adore and sympathize. [Is ‘whom’ the right word? Whatevs]

Childhood favourite. STORM!!

DUST: She’s so Muslim [Represent!]. Apparently she controls the sand and much more.


It’s so sad to see such a young mutant being chased and killed. Luckily he was one of the few who died. Leech has the ability to suppress energy around him, this includes electrical energy and a mutants ability.

Leech (Earth-616).jpg

And who’s the ones who’s killing all the morlocks? The Marauders.

They’re these super powered criminals working for the Mister Sinister.


Well, I shall stop. I could go on and on and on. It’s moving like a rolling stone.



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