Taking a break. Hand me the chocolate bar.

Well, after about 4 days of not blogging, I decided to give y’all an update on my life.

I actually stopped blogging for that period because the last post, only 5 people read it. And then there were 2 consecutive days where no one viewed my blog. So, there was no place for the Muses [the ones above, kill yourselves if you don’t know who they are] to help me get inspired. Today, 13 viewers. I can’t possibly let them down. So, it’s time for me to type away.

So, my new unit has been really great for the first week. A lot of thing happened. I’m now like a temporary assistant to some high ranking officer for about a month, so I have to report to another building every morning to report to him. Now here’s the problem. When you have one person wanting you to come over and help him out and after that another person wants you to be in another place, you get a busy assistant.

But the feeling is so thrilling. I was walking briskly, sometimes running, from one building to another. It’s like working for a magazine, but you don’t write [shit]. I can’t tell you what I’m up to, but it’s for some open house and I’m helping decorating. Well, I just revealed a whole lot, haven’t I?

I’m also going to be working at the front desk once my temporary assistant role is over. It’s kinda like a receptionist. I’ll be like, “S1 branch, how can I help you?” I even helped out with the admin stuff. It’s a start, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, when I’m free, I’m really free. I read my book and listen to my music until the day ends. It’s really boring at times, but the people there are really friendly and really funny. Each day has a brand new joke that would keep me laughing for the whole day each time I think about it.

Almost forgot, I got my 2ND pay this month and bought meself a huge bar of chocolate. Not the cheap kind, the really expensive and high quality chocolate that would last me for weeks. OK, maybe days. I’ve yet to buy all my skin products, the shop is closed till Saturday, so tomorrow I’ll just head over there and choose all the shit I need.

Before I go, I need to introduce this female singer to y’all. She’s Regina Spektor.

She, has the most unique voice. I have like ten of her songs in my MP3. All of them I randomly picked, and I love them all. But of course, Erykah Badu will always remain first in my list.



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