Me new iTouch 4 and many more.

That’s right bitches!!! I finally got my iTouch 4.

It’s time for me to get one anyway. Now here’s the interior monologue that you will get.

So, this morning, me and my sister were talking about going out, and suddenly the topic of getting me an iTouch 4 came up. I immediately agreed to buy it. We got ready and my mum wanted to follow. [Ya, my world fell apart]. I was like so sure I couldn’t get my iTouch. There was no way she would let me buy such an expensive good.

So we went to Harvey Norman to buy a telephone for the house and all I could think of was the iTouch. Right after my mum purchased the phone, my sister urged me to ask the lady what the price was. I started sweating profusely. I looked at myself and I looked stupid, all sweaty.

Then, I just told myself, “You know what? It’s just not meant to be”. We then went to NTUC and bought some stuff and I thought to myself, “I worked so hard to get to where I am, I went through a lot of hardships. Surely I deserve something fabulous”. I didn’t intend to use any of my mum’s money. She needs them all.

Remember my Edusave I got last month? The one worth $400? Holy shit balls, I thought. I can use that money and buy something tangible for meself. I went up to my mum, almost peed in my pants and blurted out, “Ma, boleh Hafiiz beli, iTouch 4?” [Basically, I aksed if I could buy iTouch 4].

And guess what she said? “Belilah, tapi pakai diut sendiri lah” [ Buy lah, but use your own money]

That’s what I had in mind all along. So we went back to Harvey Norman and bought myself that iTouch. And boy, was it worth it. It’s only my first day, I have a lot of things to get use to.

L'Oreal MEN EXPERT Pure & Matte Pore Minimising Toner 125ml

Then, I have another thing in mind, my Pore Minimizing toner by L’oreal. Totally bought it. My chicken fried face needs major treatment.

OK, when I said “many more” in the title, I actually meant 2 expensive goods. Why? You were expecting 10 products?


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