My interest for politics is the same as my love for football.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, not intending to hurt anyone. So sensitive!.

So anyway, I feel that politics, in the modern times, is not going so far. It’s so secretive and I’m not talking about the ones in the newspaper. That’s what they want us to know. What we don’t know is all hidden in the pants of the politicians.

Just look into the newspapers. What do you mostly see? UMNO? The government? Some guy planning to increase its budget for the greater good of the future? All of them. It’s like the Politics Mold spreading across the media. The best thing is, I don’t even read it. I just listen to some of them on the radio. I guess it’s too soon to say that I’m not into politics, isn’t it?

Now, I’m not legally ready to vote, but isn’t there other ways for the PAP or the WAP to reach out to younger people? Before I type away, it’s all allegedly speaking. I repeat. ALLEGEDLY.

Now, my mama and I realized that before the Voting season. [It’s coming near right?] There’s been a lot of changes in our community. Walls painted, even thought it’s been painted 2 months ago. The surface of the walls scraped off so that they can apply a new coat of cement on ’em. My mum said that they do that solely for the votes but the notice stated that it’s for safety reason, the stability of the building or some reason. Oh but don’t get me wrong, I’m for PAP all the way.

Sadly, since Singapore is like facing Ageing population, it’s all the Grey votes, people. You ask the younger generations to vote, they’ll be like, “What for?” I beweave that it’s a losing battle. If they start concentrating more of the younger generation, they’re definitely going to lose the … umm … older votes?

So it’s like, people don’t like politics. They’re all like, “You did this.”….”No I didn’t”…..”Yes you did!”….”NO I DIDN’T!!!” I mean, I’m getting the stomach cramps thinking about it. JUST SHUT UP AND WIN.


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