The day like any other day.

So today was the P.T regime. I just made that up, but we had PE. Don’t worry, there was a walking group , a running group, and the advanced group who would want to show off but pretend that they want to build up their stamina. Ya that’s it.

We, PES E-ans can’t run, even though some of us can. It’s just the rule. Usually I’ll be walking with my branch mates, but today they had their own duties, I had to walk alone with 4 other Malay guys. Ya, that’s one group I can never impale through and dig in and bite on it.

SO I was walking, behind them of course. All I was doing was walking and looking at the windows [mirrors, to be exact]. Call me VAIN. Luckily they’re not the rowdy type, I’d rather eat my own shoe.

So after that I stayed in my unit for like an hour. Usually I’m suppose to report to the building I’m currently attached to for a month, but he’s rarely there. SO I waited, and waited till he found me and told me that he was about to file an AWOL case on me. Of course he was joking. I mean, who would think that I’ll AWOL?

So again, I took down some stuff on the boards in one building, send then to another building. As I was walking with all the posters, it felt that I was holding on to classified materials, but it was all posters and pictures. I felt important. I was holding to a bunch of keys, where one key fits all locks.. . .  Imagine that.

After lunch, it was free time. I stayed inside the office with someone and we talked till 4.30pm. I doodled with my red pen. The picture is already on my FB wall, you can check it out.

Then I got home. Drank coffee [I know, regretted that. I can’t sleep now]


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