Valentino Cappuccino…

Now, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but I have something to say about it. First thing’s first, I’m all for lovey-dovey situations. I think it’s sweet when they buy each other gifts [expensive ones].

Now here’s the deal, today I’ve seen 3 couples with matching shirts. Really? What’s that all about?

They think it’s cute and it shows the public their affection for each otherNOOOOO!!!!!!

Hey’ll to the Naw!

It’s not cute at all. Why publicize your love? Ain’t is sacred? Eww, I’m about to puke thinking about it. It’s like a number one fashion disaster, but a number one style in China, apparently. I mean is it that difficult for us to know that they’re together? Must they make it more obvious?

Holding hands? Kissing? Isn’t that more loving?

Don’t get me wrong, if it’s matching is terms of tone and shades, it’s OK. There’s still their own style and uniqueness. If childish is the word they were aiming for, I applaud them, standing ovation, perhaps but this is just too ridiculous.


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