What I should have done for the past 5 years.

I was on the bus home and I had this flashback or is it like reflection. What would life be if I had done…

It was a lot of soul searching for … 15 minutes.


Let’s start from secondary 4. I should have gone to Poly and studied Mass Media but then again, my English was not up to standard then. I don’t know about now, but it’s better.

Still, I have so many friends here that I would never think of getting out of my memory. It’s too good to forget. So, JC life, friends, it’s all good.

In JC, I should have taken Math. I don’t want to explain why because I’ve rant about it for the whole of my 2 years in JC. Malay Literature?



I should never have done 2 of these hairstyles. I’m not going to show you the real and close up of these hairstyles. [It was that bad].

The first one was my Mohawk. You have no idea how long I had to do it. By the time it was 2pm, humidity kicks in, my hair curls up, and like the peak of my hair starts fraying. It was like a mini fountain on my head. Daym, I hate when that happens.

The next one, I tried to follow this hairdo. It’s like a slick back look, but the front and my right hand side of my hair was gelled up. I call it the Tidal wave. It’s really neat and cool is you look at it up from the side, but I used that look for Class Photo, and it looked like I had a small horn protruding out of my head. I didn’t buy it of course to show it to you.

The hair that I will forever love is the pompadour look. It’s like long on top and short at the sides and back, like REALLY short. Shorter the better, I’d say. The problem here is that, I started doing this look at the end of the year. Before that I put my fringe down, because I thought it would look natural. BAD IDEA!!!


Next, I should have joined Guitar Ensemble. I love the sound of a guitar playing. It makes any sound good in acoustic. Then again, I’d leave my Drama clan. So, I’ll still stick to Drama. Maybe one day…



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