Trip to CVD as a visitor.

CVD was boring. Let me just say that first before I go into all the events. It was way worse than last year’s one [maybe because I took part in the competition] I was no longer the one begging to buy stuff for ‘Charity’. I was served, well.

I wore my new long sleeve V-neck shirt from UNIQLO [$9.90]. My grey vest over it. Now, I have a reason for wearing that. It’s not only because I wanted to look fancy. The fact is that that shirt was too skin tight that you can see my hip bone. Since my backbone is slanted, it’s very apparent.

So I met up with Ruzzie. Unfortunately Lizzie couldn’t come. It broke my heart. So this is like a dedication to her. SHOUT OUT TO LIZZIE!!!!

We went, the moment I stepped into my college I felt something different under my feet. THEY TOTALLY FIXED THE FLOOR. It’s no more flood-prone, that’s great.

My main intention to go to CVD was to meet up with all the teachers, but all I could find was Mr. Nair and Ms Yeo. Pretty sad. But don’t get me wrong, it was a blast to finally see them and talk to them.

Saw Vinesh. YAY. Took some pictures. The 2 hours I spent there, I saw no one from our class. I went along with Ruzzie’s clan and they were chatting with their peeps. I tried not to get involve with it because it’s not my problem.

So anyways, let’s dish. Y’all know how there would be performances? There were some pretty out of tune singers that inflicted emotional and psychological damage to me and Ruzzie. Just look at her agony and pain. Feel her pain and imagine the music there.

OK, so she was just wiping her forehead because it was so sweltering there. Trying to spice it up here.

We met Ms Aminah and guess what? She asked me if I lost weight and I was shocked. Not because I don’t see the loss of my weight but the fact that she recognizes me and my physicality to even see the difference.

Oh I forgot to tell you, the first person I wanted to meet was the Malay Lady in the canteen. The last Vendor. The last time we met her was a week before my BMT and she was so kind to us and was giving us a lot of motivation. Her wish is that we could visit her, and so we did. She totally gave us 2 free chicken wings and ruzzie gets a free Nugget. Pfft.

Then it was time to go. Ruzzie has other plans and I did not want to stay in college alone. So I planned to go home. While I was walking to the bus station, I bumped into Yz [who’s only then heading to college] and felt that I can’t just say HI and leave. We need to converse. We need to catch up to old times. And so I followed them to college.

So here are the pictures of us.

iTouch was useful, definitely. It was all snap snap snap for 15 minutes.

We thought it would be a bad time to meet up with the teachers because it was almost 4pm.To our amazement, we saw all of our teachers except for Mdm Aisha. Daym. I really wanted to talk to her. I did get a glimpse of her, so that should partly be enough.

I initially didn’t want to put this into my post but since it is a night of honesty…

Almost all of the guys [from my batch] there are going through NS BMT in Tekong. Pes A/B. Let me tell you, they have never looked that great before. They were tan. They were slightly fitter. They were tan. I was jealous. I remained as pale as newspaper. I lost weight, but at least YZ claimed I look fitter. [Must be the PT regime every alternate days] Their presence of some of them were really exuded in a strong manner. I sensed a little bit of anticipation in them. No idea why. They didn’t look more serious, I can tell you that.

Suria was a nice ending to the CVD, he came when everyone was cleaning up. He was ‘fashionably late’ as told by him. He gave me a hug and it was nice. If I say nice, then it should really mean that me meeting Suria was a delight because I don’t do hugs. It’s like…not my cup of tea. I don’t like to come in close contact with them. But certain hugs with the good friends are always the best.


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