Unit Anniversary

So it was the Unit Anniversary. I wore the same outfit, brought my silver tie, but only one was wearing it, so I couldn’t be bothered.I was actually late. Got held back in camp doing some work. I rushed back, showered. Apply a little concealer to cover all the pimples from Army. Hairspray-ed………my hair down. We got to keep the hair tight!

The food was all seafood. It was sea-tastic but not delicious. I mean the food suck. The emcee sucked. It’s seriously like prom all over again. OMG Deja vu.There was this dish which consist of mushrooms and broccoli. It was disgusting. The broccoli was fine.

I couldn’t help it but take a picture of that. My mummy always says never to play with your food. At least I ate. My friends was all excited to see me eat for the first time in front of them.

We were all distracted when some talent time was occurring. We were suppose to put our lucky draw tickets in one of the 3 buckets to choose the winner. And the one who guessed it right stand a chance to win either vouchers or a TV. I voted the wrong one. I should have gone with my instincts to choose the underdogs. It has always been my thing but I voted for the beat boxer who was popular.

My officer told me that I had a great smile and that I should smile more…. In the army, I hardly smile. So there you go fellows. [Oh FYI, the one beside me is my branch clerk/friend.

This is also another guy from my branch. I could possibly be taking over his place when he ORD around June? I’ll be the front desk guy.

Here’s Chee Keong and the beautiful Nanda. She was tired dancing the talent show. AMA-ZING. I couldn’t do 1/3 of what was done on stage.

So after the whole event there were some left over helium filled balloons. Yup, you guessed it. We totally sucked a whole lot in and shouted commands or like imitate some guy. It was hilarious.


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